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How to set the parameters of double head pipe bending machine

double head pipe bending machine

It is important to set the tube bender parameters. How to set up the parameters of double head pipe bending machine to achieve the best results?

After the induction heating and spray cooling manual control, on the central console, adjust the spray given potentiometer and manually give the spray water quantity signal to the electric control valve. Complete the given adjustment of the amount of spray water. The two points of the inner and outer arc measured by the induction heating spray cooling and the cooling temperature set by the computer are sent to the PLC.

Adjusting the opening degree of the electric regulating valve by the PD regulator, the person who adjusts the amount of the spray water is small, thereby adjusting the final cooling temperature, thereby achieving the process requirement.

How to adjust the elbow cooling system, on the basis of a good understanding of the bending machine system and the bending process, according to the actual situation, complete the selection of hardware equipment and software design. The cooling system is used for the cooling of intermediate frequency power supply, intermediate frequency transformer, induction coil and steel pipe of intermediate frequency heating system. When the rotating rocker reaches the set bending angle, the control system automatically stops the bending operation.

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