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Professional Terms&Names in Pipe and Tube Bender

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Before choosing a suitable model of NC or CNC pipe bending machine, the specific and professional names should be clear first, we’d like to give you brief introduction as follows:

Cold Tube Bending – The bending of pipe or tube to shapes by cold working methods.

Degree – Angle in degrees to which the pipe bends or tube bends are formed (i.e. 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, etc.)

I.D. – Inside diameter of the tube or pipe.

Minimum Tangent – The minimum straight on the end of pipe bends required by the bending machine to form the bend.

Ovality – The distortion or flattening of pipe or tube from its normal, round shape caused by the pipe bending process.

Wrinkles – Waving or corrugation of pipe bends or tube bends in the inner radius.

Hard Way (HW) – Bending of a rectangular tube with its long side in the plane of the tube bend.

Tangent Point – The point at which the pipe bend or tube bend starts or ends.

Above names no related on your choosing machine is hand/manual operation,simple pipe bending machine,profile bending machine,elbow bending machine or mandrel benderwhich will be useful your understanding and to get a good quality bending or bending service.

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