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Eight rules of use for pipe bending machines

pipe bending machine

  1. Before the operation, please check whether the lubrication points of the pipe bending machine are short of oil, whether the safety protection device is reliable and whether the movement mechanism is loose, and wait for one operator to confirm the operation.

2. Start the pipe bender oil pump and check whether the system pressure is within the specified range. If it is high, it will damage the hydraulic components and waste power. If it is too low, it will affect the work.

3. Adjust the position and angle of the required part, in the meantime position the machine to the required length.

4. Adjust the vertical lifting guide rails so that the guide mold pressing cylinder can be clamped tightly on the iron pipe.

5. the adjusting mold clamping cylinder can clamp the iron pipe.

6. the normal operation of the workpiece into the bending mode, and the front contact position, step down foot switch

7. After the work is completed, cut off the power supply and do a good job of clean lubrication.

8. In the event of an emergency, the operating bender shall press the emergency stop button, then turn the rotary switch to the manual position, and reset manually. If a fault occurs, 

please report it promptly.

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