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What Should Be Paid Attention to During the Transportation And Installation of The Pipe Bending Machine?

Pipe Bending Machine have been widely used in many industries, and the pipes of each industry have their own characteristics. For example, the pipe bending machine in the aerospace field usually needs high precision and high flexibility; the pipe bending of the shipbuilding industry The machine requires a particularly large output torque and easy handling of large-size pipe fittings; the automotive industry needs to have exceptionally high production tempo and reliability and durability.

Before transporting, moving, and installing the Pipe Curving Machine, you must carefully read the “Safety Precautions for Transportation, Movement, and Installation of the Machine”. Strictly implement the precautions. Most accidents are caused by human negligence and non-compliance with safety regulations. caused. The safety precautions for transport, movement and installation of the bender should be at least:

1. Before transporting, hoisting and moving the pipe bender, you must confirm the model, dimensions and total weight of the machine beforehand, and then select the wire rope for the weight of the machine, the buckle for the hanging pipe bender, and choose to withstand Lifting equipment and moving equipment for machine weight;

2. The lifting of the bender must be carried out in accordance with the lifting diagram instructions;

3. The Pipe Folding Machine must have sufficient space for lifting, moving and installation to avoid injury to workers and machines during operation;

4. Personnel not involved in the operation shall not be in the working area of the bender to avoid injury.

Pipe Bending Machine

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