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How to Maintain And Maintain The Bender?

Maintenance and maintenance of the Pipe Bending Machine can start from the following:

(1) When cleaning the bender tank, clean the inlet filter of each pump.

(2) Clean the fuel tank and filter the hydraulic tank within 1~2 months after the equipment starts to use.

(3) If it is found that the forward and retreat is unsuccessful, first check whether the solenoid valve is working, such as the solenoid valve is working normally, and then check whether the sequence valve, the relief valve or the one-way unloading valve is stuck with impurities. (This phenomenon is usually easy to happen when the device such as the CNC Tube Bending Machine starts to use). If there is a stuck phenomenon, after disassembling it with gasoline or diesel, reinstall it.

(4) Each joint of the hydraulic pump station is equipped with oil-resistant rubber sealing ring. If the sealing ring is damaged or oil leakage, it should be replaced in time.

(5) Check the fasteners of each part to make them tight.

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