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Technical Method of Tube End Forming Machine

As the weather gradually hot, air conditioning market is also gradually lively up. Air conditioning pipeline directly affects the whole refrigeration system of air conditioning, and is one of the indispensable important links of air conditioning equipment. Tube end forming machine such as Hydraulic Pipe End Forming Machine is used for the air conditioning copper pipe, heat exchanger aluminum pipe, stainless steel pipe end into shape processing, through stamping or spinning the stainless steel pipe, aluminum pipe or copper pipe end flanging, shrinking or processing into other required shape, convenient air conditioning pipe connection.

(1) hydraulic molding machine

It is mainly using PASCAL principle, with the hydraulic system to control the mechanical part of the work, the pipe end for stamping molding.

(2) CNC Pipe Cold Forming Machine

In this way, the circular pipe is fixed on the horizontal worktable surface for plane movement by means of the reciprocating motion of the semi-spherical tool. The semi-spherical tool moves along the vertical direction and coordinates with the rotation of the pipe to achieve the desired shape of the pipe end. This method can be for large deformation of the product, and the spinning machine forming principle is the same.

(3) eccentric rotary forming of pipe end

This method is suitable for reducing the copper pipe. In this way, the envelop Angle of the die is the same as the half Angle of the die, and the axis deviates from the axis of  the steel pipe by a certain distance.

(4) no mold forming at the pipe end

Die less pipe end forming is formed by two pipe billets which are both billets and forming tools. It is formed by the friction heat generated by the relative movement of two pipe billets. It is mainly applied to the forming of high chromium alloy pipe end.

Pipe End Forming Machine

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