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Performance characteristics of hydraulic pipe bending machine

tube bending machine

We are prodessional hydraulic pipe bending machine manufacturer in China, we can make pipe shrinkage machine an so on.Do you know the performance characteristics of hydraulic pipe bending machine

1. Rack: frame-shaped structure welded by steel plate, with outstanding rigidity and stability; two cylinder devices are fixed on both sides of the frame, driving the upper tool holder to swing up and down with the support shaft as the center; The tool holder is used to facilitate the micro-adjustment of the lower blade; the feeding plate is equipped with a feeding steel ball to facilitate the pushing of the sheet.

2. Pressing equipment: It consists of a set of pressurizing oil cylinders on the front beam of the frame. After the pressure oil cylinder enters the pressure oil, the pressure head presses down after the tension of the spring is overcome, and the sheet material is pressed. After the cutting is completed, the tension is reset by means of a tension spring. The thickness of the pressing force increases or decreases with the thickness of the material to be sheared.

3. Front and rear blocking materials: the front blocking material is placed on the work surface, and the value is indicated by the ruler; the rear gear is placed under the horizontal plate of the upper tool holder, and the upper tool holder moves up and down, and the rear material is adjusted by the motor and the speed reducer. Press the conditioning button “+” or “-” on the operation panel to reach the front and rear orientation of the rear baffle. The azimuth value of the back gauge is displayed by the digital display mounted on the upper left of the 

front beam of the machine.

4. Hydraulic system: It consists of a plunger pump, a valve block, and auxiliary pipeline parts. The hydraulic valve adopts the series of superimposed valves, which has low noise, smooth operation, convenient pipeline placement, convenient maintenance and good safety performance.

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