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Operating procedures of pipe cutting machine

pipe cutting machine

There are some operating procedures of pipe cutting machine.We are pipe curving machine supplier.I will always share articles with you.

1.1 Check that the saw blade sharpener is in good condition and should be replaced when there is a shortage or crack.

1.2 According to the high pressure hose specifications, replace the corresponding positioning pin shaft and guide sleeve.

2. Operation steps

2.1 Switch on the power and start the motor.

2.2 Insert the high-pressure hose into the changed guide sleeve, and move the knife-shaped handle to push the hose into the saw blade. The hose is cut off. When the slide is reset, the two tension springs are pulled back to the original position.

2.3 Insert the inner hole of the cut hose into the positioning pin shaft. When the saw blade rotates, cut a seam at the place where the stripping is prepared to ensure a good glue breaking effect when the rubber tube is stripped.

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