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Electric tricycle industry pipe bending machine

pipe bending machine

Electric vehicle windshield, electric frame, body frame, handlebar faucet, etc. Our company specializes in the electric vehicle industry, which has developed various types of transfer models, pipe bending machine, pipe cutting machine, china pipe curving machine and elbow pipe punching Equipment, etc., and apply for the corresponding patent. At the same time, in order to meet the market demand, we have continuously introduced advanced foreign technologies and management methods in recent years. We have designed and manufactured domestic advanced metal circular saws, pipe end forming machines, single-head hydraulic pipe benders, double-head hydraulic pipe benders, and CNC machines. Bending machines, chamfering machines and other series of machinery. At the same time, we are china pipe end chamfering machine supplier.the company can design and manufacture special equipment of the above specifications and various non-standard machinery products according to the needs of users and on-site installation.

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