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What Is The Deformation of The Pipe Opening of The Pipe Cutter?

As we all know, most pipe cutters such as Double Head Pipe Cutting machine in the market now use single oil clip design and multiple cutting design. What problems will this cause?

The design of single oil clip will lead to loose clamping and slipping of pipe during clamping and cutting, leading to burst of saw blade and deformation of pipe opening. The multiple cutting design will cause the clamping device to be too tight when clamping the pipe, which will lead to the deformation of the cutting pipe mouth.

In addition, Some times Cold Saw Machine Manufacturer are in order to save cost, the pipe cutter in the market at present mostly adopts the oil pressure system of single oil pump, which will lead to the difficulty in accurate control and adjustment of the movement speed of the pipe cutter during cutting, resulting in uneven speed and even collision of the pipe, resulting in the distortion of the pipe opening.

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