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CNC Tube Bending Machine Is A Kind of Forging Machine

The CNC Tube Bending Machine is one of the forging machines, and the primary influence is equal to the metal processing industry. The works are widely used in: light industry, aviation, shipbuilding, metallurgy, instrumentation, electrical appliances, stainless steel products, steel construction and decoration industry. CNC Pipe Bending Machine is currently processing sheet metal for large sheet metal. The machine is the first choice, and the molds with various gaps are selected, or the sheets are bent, stretched, rounded, punched, and the like. CNC tube bending machine can be divided into mechanical and hydraulic. The CNC tube bending machine can be divided into: synchronous synchronization, torsion axis synchronization, machine fluid synchronization, and electro-hydraulic synchronization.

CNC Tube Bending Machine

The layout and provocation of the CNC pipe bending machine:

1. With all-steel welded construction, there is sufficient strength and rigidity, and the internal stress is eliminated by the effect vibration or annealing furnace.

2. The wall panel accepts a C-shaped structure so that large workpieces can be machined by two side-by-side arrangements.

3, hydraulic transmission, placed in the CNC tube bending machine two real cylinders adjacent to the slider, directly drive the sliding task.

4. The slider synchronization mechanism adopts the torsion axis to automatically synchronize, so that the slider is forced to flow.

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