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The 41th CIFF Exhibition

China International Furniture Fair is one of the most important trading platform for world furniture trade. Since its establishment in 1993, it has been successfully held for 41 sessions. 

With constant faith in innovation, it leads and watches the development direction of the industry.

In the global financial crisis conditons.In March 2018, China International Furniture Fair((Guangzhou) was still with two exhibitions (civil furniture exhibition, office environment exhibition), 500,000 square meters of large-scale exhibition scale, 2,621 exhibitors and 136,310 professional visitors at home and abroad. Demonstrated the strength and endless charming of "Asian Home Trading Center" to all customers.

CIFF Exhibition

Suzhou SLS Machinery Co.,Ltd was lucky enough to participate in the 41th CIFF Exhibition. During the exhibition, so many domestic and foreign friends come to the exhibition for consultation.There are Industry elite and guests in a continuous line at booth of SLS.All of the elites of the industry with strong interest and great recognition,Constantly signing on the exhibition scene.The scene of the booth is very hot.

In the 41th CIFF Exhibition. We mainly showed pipe shaping machine at the exhibition, such as pipe tapering machine,pipe swaging machine,pipe embossing machine,pipe squaring machine,pipe decorative machine. All of them has gained recognition of the Exhibitors.

CIFF Exhibition

CIFF Exhibition

Through the 41th CIFF Exhibition, not only do we improv the brand awareness of Suzhou SLS Machinery Co.,Ltd, but also we have gained approved of manufacturers and international friends.

This time Suzhou SLS Machinery Co.,Ltd finished perfectly in the 41th CIFF Exhibition. Thank you for the arrival of every customers.See you next CIFF Exhibition.

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