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The Use Of Pipe End Forming Machine And Pipe Notching Machine

pipe end forming machine

Pipe End Forming Machine:

The tube end forming machine is suitable for the processing of complex shapes of pipe ends. With three stations, it can automatically change the mold to ensure the processing accuracy. Manual automatic selection, NC control, Chinese display, man-machine dialogue operation, and automatic counting function. It can be processed by changing the mold, shrinking tube and expanding the mouth. At the same time, it is equipped with chamfering mold, so that the chamfering can be completed at one time.

The use of different molds can realize the expansion, shrinkage, shrinkage, bulging, and piercing of the pipe fittings, and can be manually, jogged or automatically processed according to user requirements. It is mainly composed of fuel tank, body, slider, main cylinder, limit cylinder, compression cylinder, displacement cylinder, axial positioning cylinder and axial positioning contact iron.

Pipe Notching Machine:

The small cement pavement grooving machine is mainly used for discharging water pipes, gas pipes, electric wires and optical cables. The wheel surface is quickly cut into uniform grooves by a wheel saw to form a new joint surface. Optimize the contact layer between the potting material and the slot to enhance the tightness of the joint between the potting material and the sidewall of the slot.

The scope of application is mainly used for drain pipes, gas pipes, wire pipes and cable pipes

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