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Rotary Swaging Machine:

Rotary pipe swaging Machine also know as pipe tapering machine or pipe cone machine is a special kind of pipe cold forming machine.In other words, rotary swaging is designed as a cost-efficient alternative to traditional metal forging and machining operations.The function by using four die rotary hammering mechanisms to taper a tube to its final form. As the tube is fed into the machine, it will be swaged by the dies to taper it into the desired form, which will be set according to the specifications on the control mechanism.By applying German advanced technology and good mechanism&electrical quality controlling, machine with extremely advantage of low noise.

Choose from a manual, semi-automatic, or automatic pipe tapering machine to best meet your level of production.

Pipe Squaring Machine:

Pipe Square Machine is a another kind of pipe cold forming machine.As the tube is fed into the machine automatically driven by hydraulic, it will be shaped by the dies to form it into square,rectangle,triangle or other profile shapes.
The machine normally will be use together with pipe swaging machine or pipe tapering machine to make square tapered tube, rectangle tapered tube or other kind of shapes.
This is an ideal machine to make table legs or chair legs in furniture industry to meet both the modern furniture trends and reduce cost.


Pipe Embossing Machine:

Pipe embossing machine also know as pipe decorative machine is a special kind of pipe cold forming machine.As the tube is fed into the machine automatically driven by hydraulic, it will be embossed by the dies to form it into the desired shape, which will be formed according to the tooling designed.
Flower tube embossing machine, the superior performance, low noise, suitable for construction and decoration, lamps, furniture, lighting, sporting goods, metal processing industries, processed tables and chairs, foot of the bed, lamp posts, stair railing, fence rails, poles, golf clubs, baseball bat, fishing rods and other metal parts.

Pipe End Forming Machine:

Pipe end forming machine also known as tube reducing machine,tube expanding machine is a kind of high efficiency,automatic machine. Tube end forming machines can produce a variety of end forms for various functions. End Forming (also called End Finishing) are the types of processes that can be done to change a tube’s shape.Tube end forming machine can do different types of end forming as reduction, expansion, beads, flare and thickening.
Pipe Reducing Machine is controlled by hydraulic and electricity at the same time.It combines easy-to-use operation with high end forming accuracy and cost effectiveness.
Choose from a  semi-automatic, or automatic pipe reducing machine with single station or multi stations to best meet your pipe end forming requirement and production level.
Also double head pipe end forming can be designed for you to meet you double ends forming at the same time to increase productivity and accuracy.
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