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If you produce tubular components that require precise machining on the tube ends, SLS offers a full range of high-speed tube chamfering and beveling machine that will reduce your labor and improve productivity.

Our versatile chamfering, beveling and boring machines are used around the world to produce conveyor rollers, hydraulic cylinders, drive shafts, bearings, gears, axles, exhaust pipes and many other tubular parts.

The chamfer tool on our chamfering machine is cutting the steel material from the pipe end to get the chamfer.

Single Head Chamfering Machine:

Our single-end tube chamfering machines are easy to load and fast to operate. Simply push the tube against the tube stopper and start the cycle. The tube is clamped by a clamp tool, the pipe stopper retracts and the spindle advances to machine the tube end. The chamfering head features a powerful pneumatic or hydraulic feed with ample torque and thrust for the most demanding applications.

Double Head Chamfering Machine:

The line of chamfermate pipe beveling machines includes a double end machine that chamfers both ends simultaneously of bolt blanks, stud bolts, rod, bar, tubing, or pipe.  These machines have bevel speeds up to 30 parts per minute significantly increasing the production of parts over standard chamfering machines.Our double-end tube chamfering and beveling machines are designed for double end tubular components that require facing, beveling or boring. User can select any combination of operations out of OD, ID & Facing. Depth of chamfer can be changed as desired.
We offer automatic loaders as well as integrated transfer from a SLS tube cutoff machine.SLS’s engineering department analyze customer requirements and provide a custom solution to meet your specific application. The company will modify an existing beveling machine or design a completely new piece of equipment that fits your requirements.
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