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Choose a suitable model of Tube Cut Off Machine

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How to choose the correct cold saws? How to select the right semi-automatic or fully automatic pipe cutting machines? Choose a suitable pipe cutting equipmentis a good solution for the production and budget.It is most important to select or recommend the proper model or type cold saw for the application. Just because a certain model saw will cut material of a certain size. You must strive for a model that will give optimum cutting performance and minimize set up and down time.

Manual Type:This model is intended for small volume cutting of low carbon steels, Stainless steels and other materials. If I were looking for a saw that is dedicated for smaller production volume, this is the saw I would use.

Semi Automatic Type:This model with saw features includes semi-auto cycling, which requires the operator to just push a button or foot pedal while the saw does the rest.This model is designed for production runs, better blade life, continuous surface finish, and to eliminate operator fatigue, which can happen with a manual cold saw.

Full Automatic Type:This model just need to load the material and leave it cutting,freeing up the operator to-do productive tasks, instead of having to babysit a saw.Extreme rigidity for cutting different size of tubes,also included are blade protection for longer life and safer operation and piece counter with auto shut off and out of stock shut off.These automatic models are "load it and leave it" operation thus freeing up the operator. Specially for automatic one,especially for magazine loader type,the pipe shape all need to be consider, pipe shape like round ,square,rectangle,oval and other kinds of profile shape.

I want to help you make clear on our auto metal pipe tube cutting machine,we have following main kinds of auto tube cut off machine by technology of cold saw,cold cutting way:

Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine

Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine with Magazine Loader

Automatic Multi Heads Pipe Cutting Machine with Magazine Loader

Automatic Multi Head Rotary Pipe Cutting Machine with Magazine Loader

All above machine work in auto way by automatic servo feeding,for more information,contact us.

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