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MC-400CNC-MH Type Auto Feeding Metal Tube Cold Saw Multi Heads Pipe Cutting Machine


"MC-400CNC-MH Type Auto Feeding Metal Tube Cold Saw Multi Heads Pipe Cutting MachineCold" saws are the best choice for cutting metal materials whether from manual one to fully automatic one. It's a unique way of cutting, let me explain to you, that drive the blade at a low RPM, but it provides a fast, precise, burr-free cut,more over it doesn't generate heat or sparks.The multi-head cutting machine is famous for its high efficiency and stability among all kinds of pipe cutting machines, and it can save a lot of labor and sawing costs for its owner. If you are interested in this machine,please contact us for more information.


Model:MC-400CNC-MH (Multi Heads Type)

Specification:76mm x 2.5mm (Carbon Steel)

Drive Mode:Electric+Hydraulic+Mechanical

Technical:Pipe Cold Sawing

Business Type:Professoinal Manufacture

Payment:T/T,L/C,D/P,Western Union,MoneyGram

Lead Time:45 Days Dated From Deposit Received

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MC-400CNC-MH Type Auto Feeding Metal Tube Cold Saw Multi Heads Pipe Cutting Machine


Main Technical Parameters Sheet


Brief Introduction on Metal Tube Cold Saw Multi Heads Pipe Cutting Machine

SLS MC-400CNC-MH Type Auto Feeding Metal Tube Cold Saw Multi Heads Pipe Cutting Machine.This is a new type of automatic CNC cutting line. For 90 degree cutting,it is the new multi-heads tube cutter, suitable for cutting hollow metal tubes with round, square,rectangular or other shape profiles. Our machines are built with robust construction to reduce chatter and wear, and the interior of the machine head is equipped with a spindle and gearbox assembly. These are the prerequisites to provide excellent cutting results. Automatic feeder with adjustable table designed for easy adjustment of round, square,or other profiles. The tube size can be adjusted quickly and centrally by two hand wheels. The tube feeding device is equipped with up and down working way, which are driven by a gear motor and hydraulic to make the process from feeding to tube cutting more stable.


Features on Metal Tube Cold Saw Multi Heads Pipe Cutting Machine

●  Interactive PLC Controlling Offers Easy Access to Auto and Manual Operating Modes.

●  Multi Heads Cutting Together Greatly Increase The Working Efficiency.

●  Heads Distance Adjusting Can Be By Manual or By Servo Motor Which Is Flexible

●  Rigid Cast Iron Saw Bases and Electro-Welded Steel Frames Maintain Accuracy And Minimize Vibrations, Even At Full Capacity.

●  Material of Tube Cutting Machine is Available:Steel&Stainless Steel.

●  Cutting Shape Available: Round, Square, Rectangle and Other Profiles.

●  Available for Max 2 Cutting Pieces Together for Small Pipe Size.

●  2 Sides and 2 Way Clamping System: High Precision Cutting, Reduce Vibration and Soundless While Cutting.

●  Clamping, Saw Blade Advancing, Backward, Clamp Releasing Are All Hydraulic Driven.

●  Good Cutting Quality for Tube Internal And External Without Burs.

●  Small Noisy

●  Water Cooling and Lubricate System Prolongs The Life of Machine and Saw Blade.             

●  Good Mechanical Parts Ensure Machine Runs In High Stability.             

●  Optional: Connect with Chamfering Machine

●  Optional: Connect with Deburring Machine

●  Optional: Connect with Pipe Forming Machine

●  Optional: Connect with Pipe Washing System

●  Optional: Servo Motor Cutting Heads Distance Adjust

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