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Why Need a Saw Blade Sharpener in Your Work Shop?

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Using a cold saw is one of the best ways to cut steel, stainless steel, and other kinds of metal material. Unfortunately, cold saw blades may lose their sharpness after many hours of operation. When this happens, their working efficiency will decrease until the results being to unacceptable.

SLS Automatic Circular Saw Sharpening Machineknows how to Sharpen/Resharpen/Grind/Regrind your blade to meet the blade and production in utmost cost-effective and to maximize performance and increase their lifespan.All gears, levers, cams move on bearings and are enclosed in oil bath giving longer life to the machine.Machine applicable circular saw like HSS Saw, Friction Saw and Slitting Saw for up to 450mm Diameter.

This fast, efficient and reliable grinding service is perfectly for sharpening your HSS cold saw blades.Most blades are configured for either mild steel or stainless steel and the cutting teeth perform in different ways and at different speeds to accomplish a clean cut on various materials.

1) Damaged cold saw blades can be cut and re-ground

2) If teeth are missing which can be also strip the teeth off and re-cut new teeth losing you a few millimeters from the diameter and cutting depth of the blade

3) If your blade is cracked material needs to be stripped off the blade beyond the point where the crack appears before teeth can be re-cut.

Our circular saw blade sharpenermachine are applied to automobile, aerospace, machinery, medical equipment and other industries who sharpens circular saw blades, and we won a good reputation and trust by offering our clients the high quality products and good after-sale service.

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