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What is Rotary Swaging?

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What is Rotary Swaging?

Rotary swaging is a metal forming method that is used to reduce tube like pipe or tube taper,cone by swaging machine.Unlike other methods, swaging uses a rapid succession of hammer strikes to form the metal. This chipless metal pipe cold forming method, is an efficient way to produce products with minimal material waste. Its hammers and dies revolve precisely around the work, resulting in pieces with a superior finish. It is a highly economic method to point tubing redraw.

Pipe rotary swaging machine can be used in manufacture various parts for the automotive, aerospace,defense industries and furniture industries, for example, serving in the production of pipes, hollow steering columns, drive and guide shafts,table legs&chair legs as well as various fasteners. Hand operated or manual tube swaging machine significantly reduces the production cost of such components as compared to machining processes and also increases strength properties of the components.

The process of pipe cone or we say tube shaping with machine by utilizes 4pieces dies for radial forming while the workpiece is moved axially forward and/or backward by manual or by machine. The dies may perform 3000-10000strokes per minute and their displacement might be as little as 0.2 mm per stroke.

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