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What is Fully Automatic Cutting Line? Can it Make Profits for You?

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The new SLS CNC tube cutting machine incorporated the newest technology with multi standard or optional functions which is a kind of new type electric pipe cutting machine. This unique and technical innovation brings you the magazine loading and unloading system with our own patent. This innovations on machine dramatically saving labor cost and material change time cost brings you continuous benefit from it.This is a kind of high speed,high production volume pipe cutting machinewhich can be cut be steel, iron, stainless steel in round,square,rectangle,oval and other profiles.

SLS Fully automatic pipe tube cuttingmachine which including following parts:Automatic Magazine Loader,Automatic Pipe Lining,Automatic Feeding,Automatic Cold Saw.There are many configurable options after cutting as Automatic Deburing,Automatic Chamfering,Automatic Length Measuring,Automatic Washing,Automatic End Forming...

The whole bundle pipes loaded into loader and line up in automatic working,the pipes feed to waiting-to-cut position for time saving when others pipes now is cutting.Unique designed automatic feed system provides fast and fluently feed. Driven by servomotor, feed speeds are adjustable which allows for automatic start and end trimming and accurate length of cut.Pipes locking with double vice and pipes stop with the setting length in touch screen, vertically column cutting head moving by guide rail providing maximum accuracy of cutting repeatability.

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