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Tube Bending Principle and Normal Pipe Bending Quality Problems

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Tube bending is a metal forming process used to permanently shape pipe or tubing. Bending is an important part in the process of manufacturing industrial pipe and tubing. Pipe can be bent into single or multiple bends and angles depending on what is required by the application.

Throughout the process of pipe tube bending, different elements must be taken into consideration. All these elements take on great importance in the final realization of the bent tube. For example, it is relevant whether the right machine is available or not, the presence of a wide range of tooling, constant control of the whole process, and qualified people working in the field.

Realize the suitable bending die means to realize a perfectly bent tube. The perfectly bent tube leads then to the satisfaction of the customer, our foremost goal.

There are a number of processes used to bend pipes dependent on what the pipe is going to be used for. Uses for pipes and tubes when bent are both structural; for example, handrails, handlebars, frames for cars, and furniture, or for transporting gases and liquids, such as water lines, hydraulic systems, and exhaust lines.

Using different shape of material are important to choose machine model and get good quality bending. For example, steel pipe, stainless steel tube, seamless steel tube, round tube,square tube,oval tube, hollow pipe and so on.

In many cases, specially when workers haven’t rich experience on using pipe tube bender will meet many problems which we need to understand machine and eliminate the problem to get good quality bending. In most cases, bending accuracy will be influenced by the bending driven way,let us say it in simple, your machine is a hydraulic pipe tube bender or an electric pipe tube bender. Electric pipe bending machine work accuracy must be higher than hydraulic bending.In normal bending, we use mandrel bending to guarantee bending quality.

When a pipe is bent the outside wall becomes thinner due to stretching and the inside wall as it is compressed becomes thicker. This can cause all sorts of problems, including the following:

  • Wrinkling.

  • Hump on outside of pull off end.

  • Scratches in clamp area.

  • Ball segment bumps in bend area.

  • Scratches on inside of bend area.

  • Tooling marks on centreline.

  • Spring back – too much or too little.

  • Collapse.

  • Tearing.

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