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A tube bending machine is an important investment. Crucial to automotive, aerospace, hydraulic, and medical manufacturing industries, shipyard industries the quality of the bend defines the quality of the service that your company is able to deliver. Today, it is easy to find these bending equipment in different configurations and price ranges.

While many tube bending processes can be performed manually, a CNC tube bending machine offers a number of advantages over manual bending.For most applications the quantity of bending alone makes manual bending unfeasible. A CNC tube bending machine also offers consistent bends and significantly increases efficiency. This post introduces you to some common mistakes people make while buying machines specially when you choose heavy duty pipe bending machine.

1. Full Electric Tube Bending Machine

Full electric pipe bending machines are designed to enhance productivity, increase accuracy, and can offer repeatable consistency. All of these features combine into one desirable outcome: improved efficiency.

2. Hybrid Tube Bending Machine?(Hydraulic+Electric)

There are several reasons why using a hybrid bending machine is a good investment strategy. Many of these relate to cost savings and enhanced productivity. For example, most maintenance engineers have already been trained to look after hydraulic components. Also, hydraulic components are easily available at predictable industry prices.

3.  Bending Capacity Chosen

Buying a machine with the intention of bending a tube at its maximum capacity always ends in trouble. This is because the strategy does not take into account the need for variable tolerance. The difference in tolerances between different grades of steel are considerable, so invest in a machine that gives you 10% and 20% leeway. This means that the CNC tube bending machine is rarely forced to work to capacity, and offers the potential of extending the performance range.

4. Bending Function Chosen
Straight pipes can be bent using an automatic pipe bending machine to perform single or multiple bends with the dies to create unique profiles. The form bound bending includes press bending and rotary draw bending. These pipe bending methods can produce complex shapes and are available for different types of ductile metal pipes.

5. Material Consider
Typically, round stock materials are processed in automatic pipe bending machines. In some cases, square or rectangular tubing or pipes are also used to bend in order to fit the specifications. Other factors of stock materials that are important in the bending process include the thickness of stock, tooling, and lubrication of the automatic pipe bending machines to optimize the operations as well as the product quality.

We have different kinds of pipe bending machinefor sale, from small to large one which meeting your folding curving requirement from simple to complex. From NC hydraulic bending,hybrid CNC pipe bending machineto full electric tube bending machine.

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