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Pipe Rolling Machine- Another Kind of Pipe Bending Machine

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Pipe bending and rolling are two important types of metal forming processes used to deform pipes or tubes permanently for various applications. A bending machine is used to bend a variety of single or multiple bends and to shape the pipes into the desired form. Similarly, a rolling machine is used to roll the pipe to form various radius curves in the pipe.  These two methods are combined in one single machine to work smoothly and efficiently.

Pipe rolling is a manufacturing process that produces arc and curve shaped metal pipes which is also a kind of economical and practical bending machine same as NC type pipe and tube bending machine. Since pipe rolling is a kind of non mandrel pipe curving of folding way. So pipe or tube rolling requires big radius with simple rolling shape.Only the radius over than 10D which is consider for rolling way to finish your tasks.

Main classifications of the rolling machine as: 1. Three(3) Rollers (Vertical Type)  2. Seven Rollers(7) (Vertical Type)  3. Seven or Eight Rollers (Horizontal Type)

Specific rolling type chossing based on different requirement and rolling shape.

SLS pipe tube rolling machine transmit steadily, it only needs to adjust the distance of between wheel. Different curvature can be obtained circular arc or spiral. When changing the geometry of mold, operator can process various metal profiles, such as angel steel, flat steel, round steel and other special-shaped cross-section profiles.

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