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Notching is Ideal for Connection

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New Develop-Notching

Pipe tube notching is commonly performed before joining light-gauge tubes to make a tee or similar joint, as by welding. Either one or both tubes may be notched before assembly. A familiar example of tube notching is in the manufacture of bicycle frames.

End notching works the end of the tube, such as a semicircular concavity to make the base of a tee, or a convex vee to fit into a mitre.

Side notching works the side of a tube with a vee notch for bending, semicircular or vee notches for tee joint.

The Arc-Fit Angular tool produces a consistent accurate notch in pipe. Because this tool stamps out the notch, each tool is dedicated to a specific tube or pipe size at a specific angle.Automatic pipe notching machineis driven by hydraulic and formed by notching knife and clamp tool under required notching angler.Arc Fit Angular units are designed to produce angular notches on pipe and heavy wall tubing. The notch is ideally suited to welding with a rod or heavy wire. The resulting "V" at all contact points allows for full weld penetration without having weld buildup which must be ground down later.

Pipe tube notcher is applicable for different kinds of metal material like,steel,iron,stainless steel,aluminum,copper and so on.It is an ideal machine sued in hand railing, chassis and roll cages, fences and gates, furniture frames, marine rails and arches, tubing and plumbing for restaurant and dairy.

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