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When you choose a suitable pipe cutting machine for cutting your iron tube,ss tube, stainless steel tube, steel tube, how to better use it? How to maintain the machine to keep the machine in very long time using?

Now let us check the following key point for the most kinds of cold cut saw machine
(whether your machine is manual, pneumatic,hydraulic,big or small
pipe tube cut off machine) :

  • Keep the machine clean. Always clean the saw of chips after operating it, as these chips will get embedded and rust themselves to the saw.

  • Change cooling liquid frequently and clean cooling tank.

  • Keep all lubrication points oiled or greased as needed, and regularly change the gear box oil.

  • Gear Box Oil Change Instructions:

    1st Change              Working After 30 Hours

    2nd Change              Working After 60 Hours (Total 90 Hours)

    Normal Change          Twice Each Year

  • Within first 60 working days, machine do not cutting at high speed to maintain the parts working time and give parts running well with each other.

  • Never try to squeeze extra cuts from a worn out, dull blade. This puts undo stress on the machine and will require heavier regrind of the blade. Consequently, the more you remove during a re-grind the quicker the blade loses diameter and reduces your capacity. Always use the proper blade for the material you are cutting. One more thing that will prevent premature wear is when installing a blade, you clear the surfaces of any chips and remove the backlash.

  • Vise jaws and clamping. One of the most important areas on the saw is the clamping vise. The better you clamp the part, the better your cut will be.

  • Do not forget if your machine is double heads pipe cut off machine, both head should check and maintain.

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