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How to make tapered pipes by automatic swaging machine?

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Types of taper

How to make tapered pipes by automatic swaging machine?Pipe tube tapering is produced by means of a two or four die rotary hammering operation. The start tube (the original diameter) is fed into the cold swaging machine and into the dies. The dies themselves are shaped to the same design as the final tapered form. As the tube is fed in, the tooling revolves around the work piece at the same time as moving in and out, creating around 3,000 blows per minute and slowly hammering down the tube diameter.The continuous or uniform increasing or reducing in diameter of a cylindrical workpiece is called a taper.Taper is also called former conicity. Its works on the principle of trigonometry.


Clearly see in figure taper with dimension

D = Original diameter of the taper

d = Smaller diameter of the taper

L = Length of the taper

Pipe tube diameter reducing is a mechanical operation that allows changing the form of the tube in a controlled way while using a hot or cold process, relating with the final product you want to achieve. With this procedure, the material can be formed by an automatic tube swager or end former machine to realize the final desired shape.

An excellent tapering die leads to high-standard quality machinery, ensuring a massive level of precision and allowing the production of a wide range of different tapering tubes.

How to Calculate the Tapering Ration and Tapering Angle?

If the original diameter and small diameter of the taper are 40 mm and 30 mm respectively. And the total length of the taper is 20 mm. Then calculate the taper ratio and taper angle?

Taper Ratio = (40 – 30)/20

                  =  10/20

                  =  1/2

That means the taper ratio is 1:2

Taper Angle

tan θ = (40-30)/(2×20)

    θ = tan-1(10/40)

        = 14.03°

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