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How pipe embossing working? Main Application of embossed pipes and tubes.

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Pipe embossing machine also know as pipe decorative embossing machine,tube flower machine and etc. Apply for hollow metal pipes such as steel, stainless steel(SS), copper,brass and aluminum.After many years of development on high quality material,strict and technical heating process,innovative and improved technical and production of advanced industrial machinery,the machine works in superior performance, low noise,high efficiency and good price which is the ideal tube embossing machine for different embossing tubes.

This machine is mainly used to make forming design on a original round steel tube or pipe with the help of rotatory actions.

1st, tubes are given to the machine from the control desk.
2nd,the machine clamp clamping the pipe by hydraulic automatic.
3rd:The original round pipe/tube is inserted into the machine automatically by desired length on which the tool designed is to be made.
4th:Pipe or tube starts to rotary and hammering by the the driven of machine head and its tool.

5th: Within seconds the machine creates the design on the pipe/tube and the final product with the designed pipe is manufactured.

Machine cooperated with different shapes of reasonable tool can get different kinds of embossed pipes and tubes which widely used in construction and decoration industries as:

  • Lighting,Lamps,Lamp Posts

  • Furniture,Chairs,Legs,Foot of the bed,Kitchen Handle

  • Sporting goods,golf pole,baseball bat

  • Stair railing,fence rails

  • Fishing rods,bicycle parts,decorative parts

If you are interested in our machine to make embossing pipes, contact us for more information.

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