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Good CNC Pipe Bending Machine

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For rotary draw mandrel bending, more all-electric machines are finding homes on tube shop floors. And with such machines comes more available axes of control—all important when specifying a machine.In CNC pipe tube bending, you sometimes must consider up to 10 axes. Some of the most common axes are:

Y: Distance between bends
B: Plane of bend rotation
C: Bend angle
X: Horizontal shift of the workpiece
Z: Vertical shift of the workpiece
XR: Reaction slide
XC: Clamping motion
YB: Boost motion
YM: Mandrel motion
YSFO: Follower pressure die motion

In automatic CNC pipe tube bending machines work with “stalled axes,” meaning that each axis stops momentarily before moving on to the next. In one complex application, for instance, the workpiece may be moved forward for the first bend (Y); the mandrel moved into position (YM), clamped (XC), and then bent (C, YB, YSFO). It’s then unclamped (C), and moved again into position (Y). The workpiece may be rotated, changing the plane of bend (B). Subsequent bends may require the remaining unbent tube section to shift (X, Z). This flexible working makesmandrel rectangle square tube bender3D bending in feasible. Push bending can meet large radius pipe bending and booster can meet tight radius tube bending. Big model of pipe bending machinewe ca choose hydraulic bending which have big force do bending on like truck exhaust bending,boiler bending, shipyards bending.

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