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End Forming Application&Advantages of End Forming

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End forming is a type of process that works with hollow tubes. The process shapes the end(s) of the tube. With good end forming machine, you can achieve many different shapes while end forming your pipes and tubes.

Our pipe forming machineas some other people say pipe reducer machine is highly utilized by different industries like automotive, construction, motorcycle, air conditioner, lighting, fitness equipment, medical, and other engineering industries. Whatever industry you belong to, SLS tube end forming machine will surely be of use.  

End forming is a popular process while producing some auto parts,some of the auto parts that include end-formed tubes are:

· Exhaust manifolds

· Catalytic convertors

· Mufflers

· Muffler pipes

· A/C lines

· Gas lines

· Fuel filters

· Oil filters

Many auto parts manufacturers include pipe and tube shrinking(shrinkage) and expanding on its end edge in their manufacturing process. It’s because end forming comes with some great benefits:

· Precise measurements that ensure the end formed tube will fit other parts correctly

· Cost efficiency

· Zero waste (no metal is cut; it’s just shaped)

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