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Classification of End Forming Machine

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End-forming is a process that is used to change the geometry of a tube, typically at or near the end of the material. The process dates back many decades: once done with castings, manufacturers have now transitioned to custom, machine-forming for cost efficiency.

The most requested types of end-forming include beading, expanding, flanging, flaring, grooving, knurling, reducing and thickening. These operations can be done on a variety of part specifications and materials, including copper, aluminum, brass, steel and stainless steel. End forming process is widely used in car parts as exhaust pipes making.

Beading is the most popular type of end-forming. This process is commonly used for automotive and heavy truck applications where multiple tubes must be connected to join systems or assemblies. This could be a small component such as a fuel pump, or something larger like an engine block. Beading can be done with a Norma ball and flare or Marmon bead and flare. Slots are sometimes added for better joining.

Flaring is often used in combination with beading. For example, a Marmon flare is typically used to mate with a Marmon bead and clamp to complete a joint between two pipes. The inside flare surface seals with the bead in tandem with the tensions / constrains to mate the surfaces together.

Another common flare, specifically for automotive applications, is the spherical ball flare. This is used to join with a spherical ball form and clamp, similar to the Marmon bead process. In this case the flare and ball end-form accommodate a degree of angle movement. Often used for exhaust systems, this allows for minor adjustment and movement within the finished assembly.

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