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Benefits of Pipe Tapering and Reducing

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Benefits of Swaging

Processing cost saving-Parts, in most cases, require no additional mechanical processing, which saves metal and reduces production cost due to the high precision of the surface obtained through the process.

Strength properties of parts-Produced by tapering machine are significantly higher which allows tapered hollow metal pipes such as steel, stainless steel, copper,brass,aluminum and others to replace traditionally manufactured solid components for a significant reduction of the finished product mass.

Less Material is Used – As the material is hammered, it is displaced longitudinally as opposed to being chipped away wastefully.

Saves on Labor – Highly skilled operators are not essential. Several machines incorporating feeders and material handling systems can be tended by a single operator.

Low-Cost & Flexible Tooling – With SLS tube and pipe tapering machine, tooling is extremely flexible, and dies can simply and quickly be changed.

Reduces Inventory Needs – Having the ability to reducing from original diameter to the exact sizes and finishes needed means that fewer components have to be kept on-hand.

So we'd like to introduce our pipe and tube reducing machineto you to get the benefits from the tapered and reduce metal pipe diameter process. Our machines have economical type as manual tapering machine,also have semi automatic hydraulic pipe tapering machine. If you have any needs, contact us.

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