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Automatic Single Head/Double Head Chamfering Machine

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Chamfering is making a small cut, usually at a 45 degree angle, to remove a 90 degree edge...Chamfering the edges of a metal bar removes the burr from the end of the bar. Deburring removes metal and imperfections that can interfere with the function of a part. Burrs can chip or break off during operation, causing damage other parts and possible injuries.

If you produced tubular parts that require precise machining on the pipe ends, now you need a full range of high-speed tube deburring,chamfering or end finishing machine that will reduce your labor and improve productivity.

Different Classifications:

By driven way: Pneumatic Chamfering Machine,Hydraulic Chamfering Machine, Hand Held Chamfering machine

By Function: Single Head Chamfering Machine, Double Head Chamfering Machine

Chamfering can process on different kinds of material: Metal, Steel,Iron, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Aluminum,Alloy Plastic, Solid Bar,Thread Rods.
SLS offers different kinds of
chamfering machinesfor our customers from simple portable one to complex auto loading one.

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