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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Riveting

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Riveting is a forging process that may be used power to fix the parts together by engrossing and fascinating by use of a metal part called a rivet.The rivet acts to join the parts through adjacent surfaces. A straight metal piece is connected through the parts. Then both ends are formed over the connection, joining the parts securely.The metal workpiece used to form the connection may be hollow or it may be solid. The riveting process is did by riveting machineunder driven of pneumatic or hydraulic. It is a kind of automatic feed riveting machine.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Riveting

Benefits Of Riveting

  • Relatively inexpensive method. The production of the rivet is cheap.

  • The rivet can be used in the joining of ferrous as well as nonferrous metal like aluminum and copper alloys.

  • The rivet can be used in the joining of nonmetallic materials like wood, plastic, asbestos sheet, etc.

  • One of the main advantages of the rivet is that it can use to join dissimilar materials. ( joining aluminum plate and copper plate).

  • Ability to make joint regardless of the location. (Vertical, overhead, etc.)

  • No fumes and gases produced as in the welding; the production is environmentally as well as user-friendly.

  • Riveted joints are reliable than other methods in applications where the joint subjected to excessive vibration and impact forces.

  • High shear strength, good fatigue resistance.

  • The quality inspection of the riveted joint is easier than the welding inspection.

Limitations Of Riveting

  • Riveting take more labor time than welding. Additional operations like the layout and drilling holes are necessary. The labor cost of rivet joints is high.

  • Stress concentration at the rivet holes of metal plates.

  • The holes may weaken the working cross-section of the plate. Then the additional thickness is required to compensate for this problem. This additional thickness and overlapping of plates for riveting increase metal consumption.

  • They typically do not make a tight or leak-proof joint unless using hot rivet or sealant along with the rivets.

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