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What is ground screws? How to make ground screw pipes?

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Now in use around the world, ground screws create strong, safe, long-lasting foundations for virtually any construction application in any landscape.A greener alternative to concrete and deep foundations, ground screws go where others cannot, ideal for hard-to-build areas, brown fields, and sites that shouldn’t be disturbed.

Ground screws offer an efficient, practical, and mess-free installation, allowing you to progress with your build immediately.

  • The advantages of pipe piles in construction:

  • Rapid Installation

  • Immediate Load Carrying Capability

  • Minimal Site Disturbance

  • Installation Monitoring and Verification of Load Capacity During Installation

  • Installation at Remote Locations or at Sites with Limited Access

  • Installation in High Groundwater Conditions

  • Easy Installation on a Batter

  • Simple Field Modifications to Increase Load Capacity

  • Wide Range of Soil and Load Applications

  • Low Carbon Footprint – Sustainable Technology

  • Modular Construction

And do you know how to get tube screw piles by screw pile making machine?

As our knowledge,we found the pipe in a tapered shape, so the most basic machine which need ground screw swaging machineto work on the pipe.

Then the blade winding machine make the blade winding and welding on the tapering pipe.

Other process like flange welding,swaging tube tip hole drilling...

Different kinds of pipe pile using different machine to process, but tube pile swaging machineand blade winding and welding machine are necessary.

If you are interested in making ground screw pipes, contact us now.

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