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Pipe and Tube End Swaging Machine Application

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Tube and pipe end reducer machine(also know as tube pipe end tapering machine or end forming machine), it is a special equipment make for taper pipe, can run without abrasion, and the products have a good repeatability, which is used widely in table and chair leg, skiing shaft, golf shaft,furniture, automobile,air conditioners,fuel oil pipes,lighting field,the construction industries and more related of tube products.

Different materials are also available: metal steel, stainless steel, but also aluminum and zirconium copper chrome. This wide range of choices allows us to support our customers in the realization and manufacturing of a personalized product while keeping the entire production process under control.

Adopt cold forging technology to forge metal steel pipe into cone by rotary swaging tool.

The process of tube or pipe forging consists of a tube deformation from a larger diameter to an inferior one, with a gradual reducing until the end of the tube. The tube swaging, on the other hand, is the reduction of a tube diameter but just until a certain point. Then the radius does not change.

As with all rotary swaging operations, the grain structure of the start material remains intact. As the tube is reduced, the material will flow along the reduced section creating an increase in the tube length together with some wall thickening.Closed circuit circulating system is equipped to guarantee the machine works for long term.If matched with corresponding mould, it can make various work piece of different shape and size. And the work piece is bright, smooth and has higher strength.

If you are interested in our pipe and tube forging reducing swaging equipment or swaging tool for your production need, we have these machines and tools for sale, contact us for more information!

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