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New Machine- Pipe Hole-Flanging Machine for Branching the Tubes

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pipe punching and flanging machine

Pipe Hole-flanging is a manufacturing process which is used to form flanges around holes on metal pipes and tubes. Flanging is a bonding and forming technology used in metal forming. The flanging process requires tools made from materials that have low friction properties and are capable of withstanding high mechanical loads.High mechanical loads, surface quality of the tools, dimensional accuracy and wear resistance are the challenges presented by this application.

Pipe tube branching machine is specially designed for punching flange holes on metal manifold tubes used in air conditioner / refrigerator/ heat exchanger, etc. Flange hole will bring better brazing result.

hole flanging machine adopts “extruder system”, forming collars by pushing-out from tube inside which is different to T-drill technology. Collaring hole mouth is clean and even, no need further processing. So it is suitable for large scale production. This machine adopts two servo motors, one for feeding and another for rotating, capable for collaring at any positions on the tube, continuously production.This equipment is used for the flaring and flanging of iron,steel,stainless steel,copper,aluminum pipe wall and makes the pipe look like a flute.The main flute pipe hole punching machine is especially for perforating holes and flanges on copper manifolds.

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