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Fault Inspection And Elimination Of The Tube Bending Machine

The Tube Bending Machine is a new type of pipe bending tool with the function of bending pipe and the function of lifting. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure, safe use, convenient operation, reasonable price, fast loading and unloading, convenient carrying, multi-purpose use and the like.

The method of troubleshooting and troubleshooting the CNC Pipe Bending Machine is as follows.

1. First, check if the steel ball in the switch is dropped. Secondly, tighten the switch clockwise.

2. Check that the hydraulic oil in the tank is full and should be filled.

3. Loosen the bolts on the filler port. Remove the air from the tank. Less oil in the fuel tank to be full.

4.There is garbage in the oil filter and it should be cleaned. The oil filter can be removed with a large adjustable wrench. Wash the rubbish on the copper wire with gasoline.

5. Pry the manual hydraulic pipe bending machine handle, the handle is gradually raised.

6. The size of the plunger pump is oily when working. Replace the seal in the spare bag.

Tube Bending Machine

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