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What role does the tube bender play in the installation of the pipeline

Fully automatic tube bender is used in many fields. It has fast bending speed and good effect. It has been recognized and welcomed by everyone. Today, SLS experts will introduce the important role of the lower pipe bending machine in pipeline installation.

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When it comes to installing the pipeline, it involves the need for a variety of bends, such as 90° and 45° bends. Because there are many bends used, and the situation on the site is more complicated, it is impossible to make all the bends in advance, and it is very convenient to use the automatic operation to directly operate on the spot.

Some conditions must be met when bending the pipe: the construction drawing, the standard drawing are available, and the review is completed. When using the automatic bender to bend, the operator's face must avoid the bent steel pipe, so as to prevent the bender from slipping and hurting people. When using fire to bend, it is forbidden to stand at the mouth of the pipe to prevent the gun from injuring people. The location of the coal stove should be in good contact with the fire department. The flammable materials must be eliminated. The fire must be extinguished before work to prevent accidents.

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