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The structure and working principle of the single-head bending machine

pipe bending machine

The structure and working principle of the single-head bending machine is an indispensable equipment in the production of single-head hydraulic pipe bending machine. It has played a very important role in production and has improved the obedience of the production industry. So what is the structure and working principle of the single-head hydraulic pipe bending machine?" 

The following is a simple explanation for everyone.

The power supply of the single-head hydraulic pipe bender is in the total control box, and the oil switch at both ends of the device can actively stop when the pallet is placed in place. 

The actual stroke of the oil rod must be lower than the maximum stroke. This way, the equipment can be avoided. The single-head hydraulic pipe bending machine uses the double-cylinder parallel uniform speed hydraulic machine. The maintenance is relatively simple. The pump station oil tank is divided into two parts. The intermediate frequency power supply is installed at the front end of the equipment, and the induction coil is placed on the adjustment frame. As long as the material is expanded and expanded, then the power of the water pump is turned on, and the power is adjusted, then the work can be started, the intermediate frequency, the thyristor of the power supply, and the intermediate frequency coil. Components such as reactors must be cooled by circulating water to prevent excessive temperatures and damage the equipment.We also can provide cold saw machine. Welcome to contact us.

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