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How to Distinguish the Quality of the Pipe Bending Machine?

How to distinguish the quality of the pipe bending machine such as the Automatic Pipe Bending Machine? You can start from several aspects:

1. Mould seat hardness and mold hardness are also the key to the normal use of the equipment such as the Baby Carriage Pipe Bending Machine. When the hardness of the mold base is 

lower than that of Rockwell HRC60, the hardness of the mold will be lower than that of Rockwell HRC50.

2. Measure the main parameters of the equipment: let the equipment be in the state of dry running, touch each mold block by hand, the 

hand should not have jitter, otherwise it will be regarded as unqualified product.

3. Put the equipment on the mold, press a sample joint, measure the crimp joint with a caliper or a micrometer, and round and taper 

should be within 0.1mm, which is excellent.

4. Finally, check the eight-lobed equalization of the equipment mold base and the flatness of the mold. Good equipment will make 

special control adjustments for these two items, and some poor quality equipment does not control the above two parameters.

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