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How do we extend the operating life of the Tube bender

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There is such a rule in the maintenance law of the Tube bender. The hydraulic system of the equipment must be regularly drained and refueled. Since the maintenance of the oil quality is very important for the operation of the whole system. What specific requirements have been put forward for this?

1. Do not place it in direct sunlight. Try to prevent the sun from being exposed to the sun and cause the bender to deform and crack.

2, should try to adhere to the neat and clean surface of the bending machine, not to stick adhesive paper and other items on the table, not on the table, if you have dust, please use a wet towel with soapy water to scrub, do not use alcohol, Tianna water and other corrosive chemicals scrubbing pipe bending machine.

3. In the operation of the pipe bending machine, if it is difficult to move the right and left right angle slides and the left and right feet, please clean the dust and debris in the track and apply the 4B-B pencil lead on both sides of the sliding track and the lower rail of the sliding plate. Plan and slide to recover as smooth as new.

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