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How to use copper pipe bending machine to bend copper pipe

pipe bending machine

Usually copper include copper pipe bending machine, copper cutting machine. Do you know How to use copper pipe bending machine to bend copper pipe?

Bending technology is widely used in the boiler and pressure vessel industry, central air-conditioning manufacturing, automotive industry, aerospace industry, shipbuilding and other industries. The quality of the pipe bend will directly affect the structure of the products in these industries. Sex, safety, reliability, etc. Therefore, in order to bend high quality

For pipe fittings, you should master the processing techniques of the pipe fittings under different process conditions.

When the tube bending machine mold is bent, in general, the bending radius of the cold bending is not less than 1.5 times the diameter of the pipe. Since the tube has a certain elasticity, when the external force applied during bending is eliminated, the tube will bounce back to an angle, and there must be a certain amount of overbending when bending. 

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