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How to control the quality of the elbow

pipe cutting machine

The double head hydraulic pipe bending machine is controlled by microcomputer, which is easy to operate.The pipe bending machine is stable in performance, and double-headed bending synchronous molding. The elbow is opened and the angle is consistent and accurate. The angle of the double-head elbow can be adjusted from 0 to 185 degrees, but the reclaiming problem must be considered.

Due to the different materials of the pipe, the pipe diameter, wall thickness and bending angle are quite different, which makes the relationship between the heating temperature of the ten-frequency power supply and the advancing speed of the elbow different, and the setting of each process parameter is also complicated. The appropriateness of the parameter setting will greatly affect the various mechanical properties of the double-head bending machine.

In order to select parameters according to different working conditions, thus control the quality of the elbow. We are china pipe square machine manufacturer, we also supply  pipe reducing machine. More details please view our website.

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