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What Are the Reasons for The Deformation of The Pipe Cutter?

Why is the pipe cutter such as Automatic Tube Cutter deformed when the pipe is cut? This is a problem that many people will encounter at work. However, the old drivers can always solve these problems quickly, but for many people, often It is not possible to directly determine the cause of the deformation of the nozzle, so today I will tell you about the reasons for the deformation of the pipe cutter nozzle such as the Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine.

At present, many companies have problems in cutting nozzles when cutting stainless steel tubes, especially thin-walled tubes. To this end, many companies have a headache for this, because many pipe cutters on the market can not fully guarantee that the cutting nozzle will not be deformed! Then, today, Xiaobian will discuss why the pipe cutting machine such as the CNC Pipe Cold Saw is deformed. At the same time, I would like to recommend a secret weapon that does not deform!

Automatic Tube Cutter

We all know that most of the automatic pipe cutters on the market today use a single oil clip design and multiple cutting designs. What causes this problem? The single oil clamp design will cause the pipe to be pinched when the pipe is clamped and cut, the pipe will slip, causing the blade to burst and the nozzle to be deformed. The multiple cutting design will cause the clamp to be clamped when the pipe is clamped. Too tight, resulting in deformation of the cutting nozzle at the nozzle.

These reasons for the deformation of the pipe cutting machine are clearly known after reading it, but when the problem occurs, it still cannot be processed very quickly. If you have any problems with the pipe cutting machine, you can Contact us, we will send a professional to answer your questions for free, welcome to consult.

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