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What is the pipe end forming machine

pipe end forming machine

The pipe end forming machine also called tube end forming machine. It is a processing forming device for expanding, shrinking, and shrinking the tube under normal conditions, and is controlled by an integrated touch display screen.

The tube end forming machine is suitable for the processing of the complicated shape of the tube end. With three stations, it can automatically change the mold to ensure the machining accuracy. Manually select automatically, NC control, Chinese display, man-machine dialogue operation, and automatic counting function. Replace the die, reduce the tube, expand the mouth can be processed at the same time with a chamfered mold, so that processing chamfering can be completed at one time.

The pipe end forming machine includes pipe reducing machine is widely used for forming the connecting parts such as pipe connection, automobile oil pipe, water pipe, air conditioning pipe, etc. It is an ideal pipe end forming processing equipment.

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