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According to The Molding Method, What Are The Types of Tube End Forming Machines?

China's Square Tube Forming Machine are mainly divided into four categories according to the molding method: hydraulic forming machine, numerical control tube end forming machine, tube end eccentric rotary forming and tube endless molding.

(1) Hydraulic forming machine

It mainly adopts the Pascal principle, uses a hydraulic system to control the mechanical part work, and presses the tube end.

(2) CNC Tube End Forming Machine

In this way, a reciprocating hemispherical tool is used to fix the circular tube on the horizontal work surface for planar motion, and the hemispherical tool moves in the vertical direction to cooperate with the rotation of the tube to achieve the desired tube end shape.

(3) The tube end is eccentrically rotated, and this method is suitable for the shrinkage of the copper tube.

(4) Tube endless molding

The tube end moldless molding adopts two tube blanks which are both blanks and forming tools, and is formed by the friction heat generated by the relative movement of the two tube blanks, and is mainly applied to the end forming of the high chromium alloy tube.

Tube End Forming Machine

At the end of the way of several tube end forming, from the perspective of economic and structural considerations, the use of hydraulic mechanical forming in China is more common. Hydraulic mechanical forming also has the advantages of strong stability and easy operation, and can meet a variety of tubular requirements in one machine.

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