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Overview of Tube End Forming Machines

The Rotary Pipe Pile Machine is suitable for the processing of complex shapes of pipe ends. With three stations, it can automatically change the mold to ensure the processing accuracy. Manual automatic selection, NC control, Chinese display, man-machine dialogue operation, and automatic counting function. The mold can be replaced, the tube can be folded, and the flare can be processed. At the same time, the chamfering mold can be used to make the chamfering work all at once.

Using different molds, the pipe can be flaring, shrinking, shrinking, bulging, and piercing, and manual, jog or automatic machining can be decided according to user requirements. It is mainly composed of fuel tank, body, slider, main cylinder, limit cylinder, compression cylinder, displacement cylinder, axial positioning cylinder and axial positioning contact iron.

By setting the tubular throttle valve on the main cylinder circuit, the working speed of the main cylinder can be adjusted; and the superimposed hydraulic control check valve is arranged on the compression cylinder circuit to ensure that the mold clamping process is not loose; the displacement cylinder A superimposed two-way throttle valve is arranged on the limit cylinder and the axial positioning cylinder circuit to adjust the two-way movement speed of the above cylinder. The shifting cylinder and the limit cylinder cooperate with the conversion station, which makes the station conversion convenient and precise, thus ensuring the processing quality of the pipe fitting.

The pipe end forming machine from Rotary Pipe Swaging Machine Manufacturer is widely used for processing and forming joints of pipe fittings, automobile oil pipes, water pipes and air conditioning pipes, and is an ideal pipe end forming processing equipment.

Rotary Pipe Pile Machine

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