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Why the Pipe Cutting Machine Pipe Mouth Deformation?

At present, many enterprises in the cutting of stainless steel pipe, cutting pipe mouth deformation problems, especially thin-walled pipe. For this, a lot of enterprises are very headache, because the current market a lot of pipe cutting machine can not fully ensure that the cutting nozzle is not out of shape!

As we all know, at present, most of the automatic pipe cutting machines such as Magazine Loader  Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine in the market use a single oil clip design and multiple cutting design, which will lead to what problems? The design of single oil clip will result in the pipe not being clamped tightly during the clamping and cutting, and the pipe slipping, leading to crack of the saw blade and deformation of the pipe mouth. However, the multi-cutting design will lead to the clamping too tight when the clamp is clamping the pipe, which will lead to the deformation of the cutting pipe mouth.

In addition, in order to save costs, the current market of pipe cutting machine, the use of single oil pump hydraulic system, will lead to pipe cutting machine in cutting the speed of the system is difficult to accurately control and adjust, resulting in uneven cutting speed, or even impact on the pipe, so that the cutting pipe deformation.

Therefore, the above two factors are the main reasons for the deformation of the cutting nozzle. We provide high quality pipe cutting machine such as Multi-Heads Pipe Circular Saw Machine to solve these problems you encounter, welcome to contact us for product details.

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