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General Operating Procedure of the Pipe Cone Machine

Operating procedure of Pipe Cone Machine:

1. Wear tight protective clothing before operation, the cuffs are fastened, and the hem of the top should not be opened. Do not wear or change clothes around the machine, or cloth around the body to prevent the machine from being wounded. A safety helmet must be worn, and the tweezers should be placed in the cap. Do not wear skirts or slippers.

2. Folding workers must go through a certain professional study, and understand the structure, performance and proper method of installing the machine.

3. Add lubricant before use and check for empty train for two minutes.

4. After starting, wait until the running speed is normal before starting work; at the same time, observe the dynamics of surrounding people to prevent injury.

5. Do not use this machine from Pipe Cone Machine Manufacturer beyond specifications.

6. Multi-person operation should be carried out by one person. When the workpiece turns over or advances and retreats, the operators on both sides are in close contact and the movements are consistent.

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Pipe Cone Machine

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