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What Are The Main Ways to Shape The Pipe?

As a China Pipe Cold Forming Machine Supplier. today let we talk about There are two main types of pipe shaping: inner diameter setting and outer diameter setting.

China Pipe Cold Forming Machine

1. The inner diameter sizing is to determine the inner diameter of the pipe by extending the outer diameter of the shaft by a mandrel having a small taper.

Second, the outer diameter is shaped by internal pressure method, vacuum method, extrusion molding method and ejection method,

(1) The internal pressure method refers to a method in which compressed air is added to the tube, and a sizing sleeve is added to the tube to attach the outer surface of the tube to the inner surface of the sizing sleeve for cooling and setting.

(2) The vacuum sizing method is a method of vacuuming the outside of the pipe to make the outer surface of the pipe adsorbed on the inner wall of the sizing sleeve to cool the outer diameter. Common are jacketed and tubular vacuum sizing devices.

(3) The extrusion molding method refers to replacing the sizing sleeve with a thin plate with a hole.

Ejection method: the flat part of the mandrel of this machine head is about 10~50mm longer than the die. The screw (4) thrusts the pipe out of the machine head and directly enters the cooling water tank. The outer surface of the pipe is cooled and solidified, and the inner surface is sleeved. The mandrel cannot be contracted and shaped inward.

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